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Our Top 3 Tips to Help You Implement Social Distancing in the Workplace

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Matthew Dann Thorn Baker Industrial Recruitment DirectorLast week we looked at how we are supporting our clients and candidates during COVID-19. This week I'd like to know how have you overcome the challenges faced in implementing social distancing in your workplace? What are your top three tips?

Matthew Dann: Thorn Baker Industrial Recruitment Director

Having worked closely with a number of our clients over recent weeks, here are some of our thoughts;

  • Create new shift patterns: Meaning fewer people entering and exiting the building at the same time
  • Be creative with how you plan breaks: If you have three, reduce it to two and make them longer
  • Create a workplace one-way system: Maybe have different entry and exit points for your building

One of the simplest and most effective tools we have found is delivering a consistent and regular message to your workers.

Daily reminders of the basics, both in person and via posters and messages, such as;

  • Social distancing rules
  • Hand washing/ sanitising
  • Wearing the correct PPE

These are just some of our experiences, we’d love you to tell us what you’ve been up to. What have you found easy/ hard to implement? Have you made any big changes to your normal shift patterns? 

We're running a quick survey (it's only one question!) to get an idea of what your thoughts are. If you'd like to take part all you need to do is click the link below. All answers are anonymous.

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We'd like to get everyone working together to share ideas, best practices, and general feedback on how you're finding the 'new normal'. We're all in the same boat and your feedback is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.