Thorn Baker Industrial Recruitment_Supporting Our Clients and Candidates during COVID-19


Supporting Our Clients and Candidates during COVID-19

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Matthew Dann: Thorn Baker Industrial Recruitment DirectorIt’s safe to say that in January none of us would’ve predicted 2020 this way. We’re seeing that new ways of working can be achieved and we know more than ever that the welfare of our workers is paramount. How do we keep them safe in the workplace? How can we ensure we retain the best people during COVID-19? In this blog, we’ll look at how we’re supporting both our clients and candidates during the pandemic.

Matthew Dann: Thorn Baker Industrial Recruitment Director

Over the last 10 weeks, we’ve seen unprecedented levels of change – the way we run our offices, how we support our clients and candidates as well as how we see our friends and family. It’s shown that in times of pressure we can (and do) rise to the challenge, our core values as a business have been a strong foundation and there’s no doubt that as a team we are positive-minded, solution-focused and people-driven.

But how does that translate into real life?

Here are some key stats of what has been happening with us, the industry our clients, and candidates over the last 10 weeks.

Thorn Baker Industrial Recruitment_Worker Furlough Stats

By making the most of the furlough scheme we’ve been able to support both our clients and candidates. There are two sides to every coin and in these circumstances is obvious what the benefits are: 


You’ve got the best workers for your business. They’ve been inducted, trained and they’re working fantastically – naturally, you don’t want to lose them. Being able to use the furlough scheme has allowed us to retain the very best staff for you. You don’t need to worry about having to start from scratch when business picks back up.

The government guide to working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19) can be found right here.

Logistics Consultant Davies & Robson has compiled an excellent and detailed guide to warehouse social distancing, with practical ideas to support essential warehouse operations to maintain or recommence some level of activity whilst following Government guidance and WHO recommendations. You can read it here.


You’ve found a job that works for you, you’re comfortable and happy in your job. The scheme has allowed you to remain secure in your role. Money worries can be the worst kind, using furlough has allowed our candidates to feel secure, and happy to know that as soon as businesses start to increase their productivity levels that their job is there waiting for them.

What more could we ask for right now?

'I would, first of all, like to say thank you for helping out with the furlough predicament, it helped keep me afloat during this time, and I was able to return to my job following lockdown being eased, I'm happy to be back and feel very safe at work with the measures they've put into place. Sarah was very good at communicating what was going on with the payments and was helpful in trying to find other suitable work. I appreciate the help I've received from Thorn Baker, and the skills I've gained whilst working for them.'

Candidate testimonial

'I lost my job at the end of March due to the coronavirus pandemic that forced my workplace to temporarily close. While I was worried about my future during these hard times Thorn Baker contacted me saying that I would be put on furlough which I didn't consider an option at the time. I got clear communication from Thorn Baker through email that was followed up by a call to check that I consented. I really do appreciate Thorn Baker doing what they can for their workers to secure their jobs and support their clients the best way they can. Great job!' 

Candidate testimonial

The overall message I'd like to give to our clients and candidates is that simply when you are ready and business levels are picking up we're here to support you. Whether you need staff on-site, advice, and support on supplying PPE or if you're a candidate who's not sure how furlough could work for you - contact us.

The service we provide is built upon our core values: Solution-focused, Positive-minded, and People-driven. That's what we do and who we are. If you need support don't hesitate to contact us right here.