Thorn Baker Industrial Recruitment_5 Easy Steps to Help You Choose the Right Recruitment Agency for Your Business


5 Easy Steps to Help You Choose the Right Recruitment Agency for Your Business

Hiring Tips

Matthew Dann: Thorn Baker Industrial Recruitment DirectorAs an employer, you’ve probably already considered the benefits of using a recruitment agency to handle your staffing needs. You need to choose the best-suited agency for your business - but how do you know that you’re partnering with the right one? In this blog we’ll look at how choosing the right agency is the key to finding and recruiting the best talent locally to you.

Matthew Dann: Thorn Baker Industrial Recruitment Director

While it’s true that all recruitment agencies perform all of these basic functions, it doesn’t mean that every agency is created equally.

Here are our top tips to help you choose the best recruitment partner for you:

1. Specialist VS. Generalist

Working with a generalist recruiter can help you to cover a range of job roles – but working with a specialist will ensure that you have the very best workers right at your fingertips.

By working with our specialist teams you’ll be working with not only sector specialists but geographical as well. This means that not only will you benefit from our team’s knowledge of the hiring market; you’ll be working with skilled staffing professionals who understand what you’re looking for regarding skills, experience and team fit.

Working with us is simple; we are passionate about Industrial Recruitment. For 30 years, we’ve been finding candidates for clients in contract packing, print and packaging, office support, waste and recycling, manufacturing, and warehouse and logistics.

2. Recruitment Process

Most agencies use pre-screening tests and candidate verification steps to ensure that their candidates are as skilled as they say they are, and asking to review these steps and strategies can give you great insight into how well a potential recruitment partner will work with you. If you feel that these strategies aren’t up to your standards, it’s time to move on.

This Is where our Proven Process shines. We understand that finding the right talent is the biggest issue our clients face, while our candidates may have so far struggled to secure the perfect role. Taking the legwork out of matching the candidate with the client, you can be sure we always have your best interests in mind and the results speak for themselves

3. Reputation Matters

Like any business, reputation in the recruitment industry is essential and it’s something we take pride in. It’s easy for an agency to boast about its hiring skills, but what matters to us is what our clients think.

‘Just thought I would take this opportunity to say a big thank you to you, Jamie and Thorn Baker for all the help and staff you have provided through these trying times.

Any problems that we have had have been dealt with promptly and professionally and that is very much appreciated.

The staff we’ve had from you have arrived promptly and been courteous, pleasant and eager to work and listen to and take on board any direction.

I look forward to working with you, Jamie and Thorn Baker well into the future and again thank you very much for all your hard work and commitment in keeping us going through this very strange and stressful year.’

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4. Customer Service

As a client of a recruitment agency, the quality of customer service that you receive should be high. You shouldn’t feel abandoned or confused during any part of the hiring process, and the communications stream should always be open.

We’re people-driven, positive-minded and solution-focused – from the moment you start working with us, you'll benefit from how we approach everything we do with a positive mindset. These core values provide an ideal foundation for the Thorn Baker Industrial Recruitment team to successfully link people with jobs.

Our passion for the industry is clear from the moment you begin working with us. We don't just find and fill temporary jobs; we our candidates into rewarding and long-lasting careers. It means that you can rely on us to make things happen; turning candidates into trusted employees and jobs into careers.

5. The Candidate Pool

Recruitment should come without compromise, shouldn’t it? It’s why our team's recruit candidates for a host of jobs across the country. With our positive and passionate approach to your business, you can be sure we’ll meet your requirements.

We’ve been connecting companies to the right candidates for over 30 years, our database is bursting with qualified people. Our extensive knowledge of the local labour market ensures you can trust us to find the best people for your jobs – quickly.

Ready to talk to us about how we can help take a load off your mind when it comes to recruitment?

When you’re looking to work with recruiters that specialise in food production, manufacturing, warehouse and logistics, contract packing, print and packaging, office support and waste and recycling, we’re proud to be your go-to recruiter. Contact your local team today to discuss how we can support your temporary worker needs.