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the know-how you need in print & packaging recruitment

We understand the challenges you face – from filling positions at short notice to finding the right skillset in your candidate shortlist – and it’s our job to turn them into solutions.

For 30 years, our dedicated team has been at the forefront of recruitment in the UK’s leading print and packaging firms. When you work with us, you’ll benefit from our bespoke candidate assessment. Testing aptitude, hand-eye coordination and attention to detail – all essential traits in companies like yours – we’ll ensure we find the right people for you. 

Our teams take a hands-on approach that puts your business’s unique goals at the heart of all we do. It’s what sets us apart from our competitors and ensures companies just like you come back to us again and again. Discover more about our print and packaging know-how 

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  • Matthew Dann

    Matthew Dann, Thorn Baker Industrial Recruitment Director

  • Michael Martin

    Michael Martin, Regional Manager

  • Richard Borland

    Richard Borland, Head of On-Site

  • Rose Joseph

    Rose Joseph, Branch Manager

  • Simon Gimson

    Simon Gimson, Branch Manager

  • Sarah Jones

    Sarah Jones, Senior Account Manager

  • Paul Durham

    Paul Durham, Industrial Recruitment Consultant

  • Sharon Boyall

    Sharon Boyall, Branch Administrator

  • Ella Britton

    Ella Britton, Labour Manager

  • Andy Lynch

    Andy Lynch, Business Development Consultant

  • Jamie Hanford

    Jamie Hanford, Industrial Recruitment Consultant

  • Gemma Beadsworth

    Gemma Beadsworth, Account Manager

  • Jessica Thorpe

    Jessica Thorpe, Account Manager

  • Nikola Pogrodzka

    Nikola Pogrodzka, Labour Manager

  • Sarah Francis

    Sarah Francis, Labour Manager

  • Vicki Pullin

    Vicki Pullin, Account Manager



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