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We've been working with a host of household names in UK Logistics for the last twenty years, we understand the pressure involved in keeping high street retailers’ shelves stocked.

Logistics is rarely a nine to five job; we get it. So, it doesn’t matter what time of day (or night!) you require candidates; we can help supply order pickers, container loaders/unloaders, forklift truck drivers, – whoever you need to get the job done. 

Looking to meet the additional demands of a client project, or increase your headcount for your seasonal peak period? Rest assured that we have a proven track record when it comes to delivering recruitment solutions to your industry, our highly-skilled consultants know the right people for you.

Learn more about our warehouse and logistics know-how by contacting the Thorn Baker Industrial Recruitment team today

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  • Matthew Dann

    Matthew Dann, Thorn Baker Industrial Recruitment Director

  • Michael Martin

    Michael Martin, Regional Manager

  • Richard Borland

    Richard Borland, Head of On-Site

  • Rose Joseph

    Rose Joseph, Branch Manager

  • Simon Gimson

    Simon Gimson, Branch Manager

  • Sarah Jones

    Sarah Jones, Senior Account Manager

  • Paul Durham

    Paul Durham, Industrial Recruitment Consultant

  • Sharon Boyall

    Sharon Boyall, Branch Administrator

  • Ella Britton

    Ella Britton, Labour Manager

  • Andy Lynch

    Andy Lynch, Business Development Consultant

  • Jamie Hanford

    Jamie Hanford, Industrial Recruitment Consultant

  • Gemma Beadsworth

    Gemma Beadsworth, Account Manager

  • Jessica Thorpe

    Jessica Thorpe, Account Manager

  • Nikola Pogrodzka

    Nikola Pogrodzka, Labour Manager

  • Sarah Francis

    Sarah Francis, Labour Manager

  • Diana Ion

    Diana Ion, On-Site Account Manager

  • Vicki Pullin

    Vicki Pullin, Account Manager

  • Dawid Strzelecki

    Dawid Strzelecki, Senior Account Manager



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