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Our clients and candidates – across food production, manufacturing, warehouse and logistics, contract packing, print and packaging, office support and waste and recycling – tell us ours is a swift, smooth and simple process. 

Here at Thorn Baker Industrial Recruitment, we’ve built up over three decades’ experience in the industrial sector. So If you're looking for the right person for the right job, we’re confident we can help you find the skills and expertise you require.

For candidates seeking their next opportunity, Thorn Baker Industrial Recruitment is a reliable partner, too. Our passion for the industry is clear from the moment you begin working with us...



  • ‘The team at Thorn Baker has proven themselves to be competent and professional recruiters.  It is refreshing that my account manager only ever sends me relevant candidates that match my guidelines, meaning I don’t waste time viewing irrelevant CV’s. Using Thorn Baker adds value to my recruitment process and the staff they have placed with us have gone on to have successful careers within our business.’

  • The first day I visited Thorn Bakers office to look for a job. I was warmly welcomed by the receptionist. After hearing what I wanted, she gave me a job application form to fill. After completing the form, one of their managers came and spoke to me. He went through my application form with me. I did my paperwork and that is it. I got my on-going job. 

  • ‘The team at Thorn Baker have proven to be reliable and quick to respond to any situation, providing able staff at short notice. The service team at Thorn Baker understand our business and always recommend the right solution for our demands. I would 100% recommend Thorn Baker to similar businesses, they are a massive help in us achieving our goals’

  • ‘My Account Manager at Thorn Baker was fantastic to work with. As a recruiter, she maintained a highly professional demeanour and was always very friendly, found us a great candidate and now employee. The staff at Thorn Baker are quick to understand the kind of person we are looking for, recognising the candidates' strengths and putting her forward for the right job. Thorn Baker are always there to help throughout the process, I could not recommend them more highly. Thank you!’

  • Thorn Baker is a great place to work as your hard work is constantly rewarded.  In the four years I have been here I've been promoted twice, nominated for a core value award and also being in rewards club a number of times as Labour Manager of the Quarter and Directors Wild Cards.  We also have team incentives where if we hit targets we are rewarded with vouchers or team activities outside of work.



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