Working With Us to Avoid Employee Burnout and Cover Your Staff Holidays


Working With Us to Avoid Employee Burnout and Cover Your Staff Holidays

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Matthew Dann Thorn Baker Industrial Recruitment DirectorAt the end of last week, the government reported that 1.1million companies were using the furlough scheme – it’s currently helping to keep 9.4million jobs secure. But how are the people still working coping? Whether staff have been furloughed or they’re still at work they will be accruing holidays. Do you have a plan in place to ensure your staff take their holidays, how will you help to avoid your staff burning out? In this blog, we’ll share with you our top tips to avoid employee burnout.

Matthew Dann: Thorn Baker Industrial Recruitment Director

This is the other side of furlough that is becoming more of a hot topic, the well-being of furloughed employees was spoken about at the beginning and during lockdown, but what about the people who were still working? The reality is that employees are still accruing holidays whether they have been furloughed or not. Redistributing staff to other areas of the business was an essential task during lockdown initially for one of our clients, but now they’re back in their original positions it’s left a gap in areas and them needing more staff.

This is where working with a specialist, local recruiter can be a real lifeline.

Below is a list of the real pro’s our working with our team:

  1. Furloughed worker pool: We’ve made the most of the scheme and ensured that we’ve retained the very best workers in your area – they’re ready to start when you are.
  2. Industry expertise: A long and established track record of reliably meeting client demands and deadlines, delivering our service at pace but without compromising quality or compliance.
  3. Connecting you to people, skills and talent: Our extensive database provides a selection of qualified, tested and multi-skilled candidates who are ready to support your business - quickly.
  4. Industry-leading technology: From video Inductions and interviews to the latest facial recognition time and attendance system, from client-specific practical test and assessments to online psychometric behavioural assessments, we’ve got something that will add value to your business.
  5. Local area knowledge: We've supported our clients across the Midlands and South Yorkshire for over 30 years. Our extensive knowledge of the local labour market ensures you can trust us to find the best people for your jobs.


For 30+ years, we’ve been finding candidates for clients in contract packing, print and packaging, office support, waste and recycling, manufacturing, food production and warehouse and logistics. It’s what we do and what we know.

We’re just past the halfway mark for the year and a lot of our clients have spoken with us about their concerns covering all of their staff holidays. By working with our specialist team you can relieve the pressure of recruiting staff to cover these holidays. Our team is available to help your business 24/7 - contact us today or click here to request a callback.