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Rose Joseph

Rose Joseph

Branch Manager

I’ve been recruiting the best industrial workers for businesses across the East Midlands and South Yorkshire for over six years.

Having a complete comprehensive understanding of our clients’ needs makes it easy for us to deliver the best people for the job. Quite often I meet with businesses that are having issues with their recruitment. They may not be getting the right skill for the job or could be experiencing retention and reliability issues.

For me, there is nothing better than sitting down with a client and working out how we can resolve these issues.

I’ve received numerous calls from our customers, thanking me for getting their order out on time, providing them with a great candidate, or pulling it out the bag for them when a last-minute delivery comes in. It's moments like these that make the long hours’ worthwhile!

When I'm not on the phone you can catch me with my walking boots on! I love to get out and about. Travelling is a great passion of mine, as is food, friends and fizzy alcoholic drinks! A qualified open water scuba diver... I've also been known to jump out a plane or two!

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